My daughter has by this died; but come and lay Thy hand upon her. Matthew 9:18 JND

Ten Miracles in Matthew 8 and 9 (8)—A Ruler’s Daughter

This eighth miracle is closely connected with the seventh (the woman with the issue of blood). They are recorded by Matthew in a single story. In the immediate response of the Lord Jesus to the grieving father’s plea, we see His wonderful sympathy. He “rose up and followed him.” He, the Master, whose call throughout this section is, “Follow me,” did not hesitate Himself to follow a needy sinner.

His mission, having been interrupted by the healing of the woman with the issue of blood, resumes at the bereaved household. At His touch the little girl is raised from her sleep of death.

In this miracle we thus learn that we are by nature lifeless towards God, and we also learn His great sympathy. In the woman with the issue of blood we see our guilt—alive in sin. This line of truth is taught in Romans. In the little girl we see our state—dead in sin. This line is taught in Ephesians. In her case He went to the house of bereavement where she lay dead upon a bed. In our case He went actually to where we were morally—into death itself—so that having been raised out of that condition we might be associated with Him spiritually in His new place of exaltation (see Eph. 1:19; 2:6). These two miracles combined in a single story encompass symbolically the teachings of Romans and Ephesians—vital foundational truths for all believers.

We should not forget, too, the beauty and accuracy of the dispensational picture. During this present time the Lord Jesus is not dealing with Israel nationally. He has not cast them aside entirely but has promised to awaken them from the sleep of death (Dan. 12:1–2; Ezek. 37; Isa. 26:19): “For if their casting away be the world’s reconciliation, what their reception but life from among the dead?” (Rom. 11:15).

Greg Quail